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Kolas TV can help you get rid of your unwanted satellite dishes and cables. We can remove any size Satellite or Off-Air Antenna for both residential and commercial properties.

Serving the Washington DC metro area since 1969. Kolas TV is fully licensed and insured.

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Do you have a satellite dish or off air antenna that's not being used? Remove your unwanted old satellite dish or antenna from your home, call or email us today to receive a free quote. 


Kolas TV can help you remove your unwanted Satellite dish from your commercial properties. Call or email us today to receive a free quote.

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Have any question regarding the removal of a Satellite Dish or Off-Air Antenna, contact us today.

Satellite Dish Removal

What We Provide

Kolas TV can provide you a free quote over the phone or email for the removal and disposal of one standard size DirecTV or Dish Network satellite dish, and wires connected to satellite(residential only). In order to prevent leaks on the roof, satellite dishes that are mounted on the roof, the base of the satellite will not be removed. Additional charges may apply for the removal of additional satellites and satellites larger then a standard size Directv or Dish Network Satellite Dish. Residential/Commercial properties please call or email for pricing. (703-360-4510)

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